How To Use Your Whatsapp Subscription mb With Psiphon

This is another trick on how you are going to make use of your WhatsApp MB to browse your favourite site.It has come to my notice that many people have been asking of this if you’re looking for it u’re in the right place.

Some have a lot of whatsapp mb in their sim but they get frustrated by using it only for WhatsApp but in this tutorial field i am going to make a simple procedure or I will rather called trick on how you can make use of your whatsapp mb to browse your favourite site and some socail media network.

In this trick we are going to make use of psiphon and you can also test it with other vpn.
Note:you must suscribe to this whatsapp plan before before this trick can work for you

                              HOW TO SUBSCRIBE TO MTN WHATSAPP PLAN
To subscibe to the plan,simply dial *662*3# and the subsciption choices will pop out like the screenshot below

If you want to subscribe to the weekly which cost #25 just dial 1 and dial 2 if you want the monthly subscription which cost #60 and then you’re good to go

                              HOW TO CONFIGURE IT WITH YOUR PSIPHON
=>Open your psiphon
=>tick remove port
=>Proxy Type:real host
=>Real Proxy Type:defualt
=>Real Proxy Port:80
Go to more option and tick “connect through an http proxy”and make sure you also tick “Use the following setting”
Host Address:
see the screenshot below for more explanation

And voila you’re done.Use the comment box below to notify me if you’re having problem configuring it and to forget to share this trick among your friend

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