UPDATED:Latest Glo Free Browsing Fast and Stable

I have received a lot of complain of glo unlimited free browsing not working due to slow connection and often disconnection but  the truth is glo network is not fast in some areas but still,this simple trick is for those complaining of often disconnecti
on and slow in downloading.Now i have provided a simple way to make it more stable and fast.
1.Download this psiphon pro lite by clicking here
2.Open your psiphon and configure it like this
3.Proxy type:Dual real host
4.Proxy server:Redirect.glo.com
5.Real proxy port:3128
Check the screeshot 

Hit the save the button.
Now just select “Germany” as your region and click on more option,here you will only have to untick the “connect through an http proxy” see the screenshot below for more explanation

After the above setting,then you’re now good to rock your unimited browsing with glo.Note this trick is good for downloading at night especially around 1:2 am for movie lover.If you’re having problem configuring it just hit the comment box below to notify me.

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