How To Fix Glo 3G/2G Data Network Not Showing On Your Device

Glo Free browsing has been blazing for a month now but has been a lot of complaint about those that make use of the tweak like low speed,often disconnection but here in loyaltech, I have provided a post on how to make your Glo free browsing fast and stable.But recently they have complained of Glo 3g and 2g network not showing on your device except you subscribe to a data plan or have an airtime.

But I will advise those that are still browsing with the tweak that they shouldn’t turn off their phone or otherwise it will not bring their 3g or 2g for Glo network.But here I have provided a solution to this problem on how to make your 3g or 2g network show and this was confirmed and working by me cause I have once faced with the problem.

1….Recharge #100 on your Glo sim or if you have an airtime, not below #50 you’re good to go
2….On your Glo data and it will bring the 3g network and quickly launch and run your Psiphon app and it will connect within the twinkle of your eye cause it will be making used of your airtime.
3….But don’t be afraid cause after your airtime has been exhausted your 3g network will be back and stable like it used to be.
Note:You can turn off your Glo Data but don’t restart or turn off your phone cause this is where the problem comes from.If yours is still not bringing the 3g edge notify us by using the comment box

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