Latest:How to make your glo free browsing fast and stable

I know many of us have been experiencing issues like often disconnection and low speed in
downloading with the unlimited Glo free browsing tweak.Now there a new method in which you can apply to bypass the low-speed frustration.You will only need to subscribe to a data known as Glo Twin Bash.
To subscribe just dial *303#,choose the option “2” and then “1” and press 1 then you will; receive a message saying you successfully subscribe to the plan like the screenshot below

After the above steps just restart your phone.Open your already configure Unlimited Glo free Browsing and start browsing with fast and stable speed without Glo Twin Bash MB been deducted.
You can notify me using the comment box below if you’re having a problem with the setting or kinda like confusing.To check your data balance just dial*606*3*1#

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