Unlimited Glo Free browsing with Uc Browser Handler

I still discover that some are still getting low speed with their glo free browsing with the recent post i made on how you can bypass that speed frustration.As time go on we have been getting improvement on how to make it stable an fast.But this time is not about Psiphon or any VPN but with UC browser,
But know that time you’re going to benefit form it cause we’re going to make use UC browser handler to make the glo settings worked with it.This is one is far better unlike psiphon and some other VPN cause you’re going to make use of it to the fullest without experiencing issues like
often disconnection cbut the otherside of it that it can’t power other app but only uc browser Although I prefer vpn but this is for those who have been experiencing problem with their psiphon not been connected or slow..How to make use of it to browse with Uc browser
1.Make sure you downoad you download this ucbrowser by clciking here
2,Open you Uc browser and configure it with this setting
3.Tick remove port
4.Proxy Type:Real Host
5.Proxy server:redirect.glo.com
6.Real Proxy Type:Default
7.Real Proxy server:leave it blank
8.Real Proxy Port:80
Hit the save button and start browsing with it.Notify me by using the comment box below if you’re having problem with the configuration.Don’t forget to like our facebook page.

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