Latest Glo 0.00kb Free Browsing With Syphonshield

Glo 0.00kb free browsing is still browsing and blazing well on Psiphon,Uc Mini Browser.But many people have really complained about this free browsing trick, cause of the often disconnection and slow download speed especially if you’re located where there is a poor coverage of Glo Networks.But the truth is the free browsing has really helped us a lot during this time of cheat scarcity.But today I am providing you with a new setting of Glo 0.00kb free browsing using syphoned shield.

Syphonshield is one of the VPN apps used for Tweaking Free browsing tricks and also for hiding your real Ip or I will rather say your real  identity on the internet.Syphonshield has the same interface with the popular Psipon Vpn app used by many of us for tweaking most of the free browsing tweaks but has little advance interface, unlike the regular Psiphon app.Now here is how to configure your Glo 0.00kb new setting with syphon shield.

>>Firstly make sure that you’ve 0.00kobo airtime left
>>A strong 3G network like I earlier say

Make sure you create a new APN (access point Network) or Edit the existing one.Use the APN settings and configure with the below settings

APN Settings
Name: Loyaltech
APN: glounlimitedzone or glosecure
APN Type: Default & supl
Proxy: Leave it blank
Port: Leave it blank
and save it

Open syphon shield and configure it with the below settings
>>Filter: @
>>Add port or non-port URL: 9201
>>Tick remove Port
>>Proxy Type: Real Host

>>Proxy Server:
>>Real Proxy Server Type: Inject or Socks
>>Real Proxy Server:
>>Port: 8080

After the above settings just hit the save button and if you’re installing the app for the first time just choose the “Tunnel whole device”
Region: Select any region of your choice,but really advisable to selects United States
Then Hit the connect button and wait for some sec for it to connect successfully and then you’re good to browse the internet for free of charge.

Don’t forget to drop your comment if this trick works for you or still confusing on the steps by using the comment box below.

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