SanDisk Unveiled a Monstrous 1 Terabyte SD Memory Card

SanDisk, a western Digital Corporation (NASDAQ: WDC) brand,provides trusted and innovative flash storage products that have transformed the electronics industry.SanDisk has always been one of the greatest mobile memory manufacturers and embedded in advanced smartphones, tablets and PCs, SanDisk’s consumer products are available at hundreds of thousands of retail stores worldwide.
Since the innovative of 128GB in 2011, 256GB in 2012 and 512GB SanDisk Extreme PRO at Photokina in 2014 the company has really proven us that it can really double the capacity using the same SD card using the propriety technology.Now Recently the company his unveiling 1TB SDCard that could really change data storage Technology cause with that,there is not an interruption of changing SDcard.
Like I said above that the SDcard is a prototype version as the official price for the memory card is not yet available.
And with this big change,I think you will quite agree with me that technology is really growing fast and some amazing innovative has been made, cause we all could remember that the history of this company(SanDisk) That “sixteen years ago there are first made memory card was 64MB SDccard and now they could change the Technology file storage with their massive 1TB SDcard
Well, this is still unknown to me but my point of view is that, the 1TB SDcard is a massive storage capacity for any type of  Device to withhold, which means the SDcard is not for every device.The set people that are going to make use of this Sdcard or types of devices that are going to be supported by this massive SDcard are for professional videographer and photographer given them even greater ability to create more of the quality content without the interruption of changing SDcard and even application like VR,Video surveillance,virtual reality and 360 video that could eat up more storage.
Maybe a few set of Smartphones that can support an external storage up to 1TB.
I think someone having this type of SDcard shouldn’t need to worry anymore about insufficient storage lol.But what can you do with this massive storage SDcard wondering….Drop your comment below using the comment box below to share your view about the big improvement of SanDisk.

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