Glo Free Browsing And Downloading With XP-Psiphon

Here Like I always do bringing you to another free trick to boost your glo free browsing especially if you’re facing poor connection or located where there’s poor coverage of Glo Network.This free browsing tip has been tested and confirmed working by me.

Here we’re not going to make use of Psiphon,tweakware and some other known Vpn but instead we will make use of an app called XP-Psiphon.

What is XP-Psiphon?
XP-Psiphon is an app that that encrypt your internet connections,stop your ISP from throttling your connection speed and performing a deep-packet inspection.It also allows you to bypass firewalls and content restricts,and appear local to any of your locations.

All Credit of this wonderfull app goes to
  • Mr. Ariz for all feauture
  • Mr. Blth4nk for auto import feautre
  • John vincent Diaz for HandlerHUI
  • Rommel de torre for IP Hunter (Driod Auto IP)
  • FinchVPN and HTTP Injector for some ideas
  • Helyx for the VPN Thethering tool
  • Ramivlus Anito for ZyberGraph idea.
  • ZyberPH Developers & ZyberVPN stafF
*Firsly make sure you download XP-Psiphon v6.0.0 by clicking the link below:

*Make sure you use the deafault Glo internet setting or configure it manually with the settings below
APN: Loyaltech
APN: gloflat or glosecure
APN TYPE: default,supl
After the following configuration,lauch your XP-Psiphon and follow the steps taken in order to browse for free of charge using this app.
Lauch the app and then click on the menu icon at the top left side of the app

Then Click on the XP Generator as seen in the screenshot above
And configure the XPN Generator with the settings below 
Real Proxy Type: HTTP
Proxy Type: Make sure you tick “Real Host”
Now click on “Generate” like the screenshot below:

After that,click onn Menu once again and click on “Setings”
Tick  “Connect through an HTTP ” and also tick”Use system network settings”
Then Go back and choose any sever location you want but still better used “USA” as your region and wait for it connect.It usually take up to 10-20sec before connected depending on your location.And start browsing the internet for free of charge.

Is your not working?or are you still not getting the steps taken? then feel free to comment so we can each other out.And don’t forget to drop your testimony if yours is working perfectly😋.


  1. Yes,the speed always drop when you download or exaust up to 10mb and we're continiously working on that one.And futhermore check out our forum commnunity where we provide free browsing solutions and some other tech stuff and here is the link and sign up to become a member in order to be able post,reply and have full access to all contents.

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