Download The Latest Queencee VPN V9 Gravity, V8 Infinity, V7 Quantum, V6 Ultra, V5 Ultra, V4 and V3 Ultra Lite With Settings

Just like Psiphon, Queencee is indeed one of the best tunneling app out there with faster connection and very stable. Queencee is a modded app out of psiphon vpn it is uses the handler of dzeeb made by John vincent himself. If you dont know about this developer yet, I think this a good time to know more about him as he has contributed tremedously in the free browsing evelotion.

A little Biography of the Developer of Dzeeb handler

John vincent is the developer that made dzeeb handler which every cheat master has been using one way or the other for free internet cracking. After developing psiphon, he was little frustated cause people were modding his work here there. So let me say Qeencee better be called Psiphon handler sister because it was modded out of the dzeeb handler has also done greatly as a tool for free browsing cracking.

John vincent later want ahead and developer another tunneling app with extra features which can hardly be seen with other best tunneling app including the like of Http injector, Eproxy, KpnTunnel Family and the rest. This app was made premium and was sold for $15 for his hardwork and commited. And I think it worth the price because this tunneling app is equipped with varities of internet connection protocol which every free net cracker can’t hardly do without using them. It comes has a great handy for every free internet master geeks.

So having said, let’s take a look at the features this app comes with;


So those are the general features of all version of Queencee vpn so far, beside it is not limited to the above mentioned:

  1. Very fast and reliable with constant speed
  2. No data capped, you can make use of it as long as you want.
  3. Equipped with Dzebb Handler
  4. Beautiful user interface
  5. Custom settings .
  6. Mutiple server to opt out for


All Available Version Of Queencee Vpn- Download Links

Download Queencee Vpn v9 Gravity Apk

Download Queencee Vpn v8 Infinity Apk

Download Queencee Vpn v7 Quantum Apk

Download Queencee Vpn v6 Ultra lite Apk

Download Queencee Vpn v5 Ultra lite Apk

Download Queencee Vpn v4 Ultra lite Apk

Download Queencee Vpn v3 Ultra lite Apk


How To Configure All Version Of Queencee Vpn Apk

1. After you have downloaded any of the above app.

2. Use your default ISP apn or the working one at your own convenience

3. Proxy Type: Real Host

4. Proxy server: use any of the below proxy server depending on your plan or isp payload.


Real Proxy Type: Choose Default

Real proxy server: Choose any of the below ip


Real Proxy Port: 80/8080

Save your settings and then choose any server of your choice. Wait for some second and then you’re good to browse with it.


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