Power Your Mpulse Data With PC Using Ctrl Net Injector

LTN Community has done it again just like always as they were able to unleash a PC  config file to spice our Mpulse data to the maximum usage and enjoyment.

And I do hope each one of you have been enjoying the tweak LTN  unleashed to use your mpulse data to the maximum usage.

Well it has come to our notice that LTN members have been consistenly asking us to make a config file On PC and thank God we were aable to achieve this.

Well without any other ado, let’s go straigh on how you can set up your pc and browse unlimited with Glo. The most astonishing thing about this is that, it is very stable, download and youtube streaming wasn’t that bad at all.

✓ Your MTN SIM
✓ Wifi or modem

✓ Patience and don’t rush setting it up by comprehending with the configuration so that it will end up working for you.

How To Configure Your Glo With PC Using CTRL Net Injector

✓ Download CTRL Net Injector through the link below (Password: loyalteams)
Note: It doesn’t require any installation i.e it is a standalone exe file.emoji_point_down

Dropmb.com | CRLF_NET_INJECTOR 1.55 Build 60 BETA.zip

✓ Download Proxifier , extract the file, install as administrator then insert d key for full version and import d config to proxifire.
Dropmb.com | Proxifier.3.31 and Key.zip

Import the config file you saw in the proxifier zip file. By opening the proxifier then click on

  • Profile✓

Loading Screenshot_5.png… 

From the dropdownd option look for

  • (Import profile)

Now choose and import any of the two prxx file with named



Loading Screenshot_6.png… ​

✓ Download this cni config file through the link below,emoji_point_down

=>CNI PC CONFIG FILE 15 DAYS EXPIRY emoji_point_down



Coming sooonnnnnn….

After all this are successfully downloaded, Now kindly run your CTRL Net Injector.

So kindly click on the tripple dot on the CTRL Net Injector menu interface above,

  • Config=>Import


Loading IMG_20180706_100658_907.jpg… ;;​

look for the CNI config file with name (PCConfigLTN) on your PC and select it to import it successfully.

Having successfully imported the CNI file with the green loading sign, then hit the connect button.

Click on settings on your ctrl menu. Tap on
Pentaguran SSH as illustrated in the screenshot below.

Loading Screenshot_3.png… 

After that change the following

  • Porxy Listen Port : 8080
  • Penerusan Koneksi: Proxifier system


Loading Screenshot_4.png… ​

Wait for a successfull connection to be established just like using http injector on your android phone. Just like what this screenshot below illustrated.

Loading IMG_20180706_100701_862.jpg… ​

Having done this, open your proxifier. iF you’re being pop up by asking you if you wanna overwrite the imported prxx proxifier file, just click on NO.

Open your browser and start surfing online non-stop.

So don’t forget to comment if it is working perfectly for you. And relate any glitches with us and we will be glad to help you out.()(-)


Always remember to change your local ip listen port to 8080 instead of 1080 whenever you import our config file or you just launched the software (CTRL Net Injector).
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