Android license scrap off from Huawei’s by Google

Greeting to my fellows readers on this blog as it has been a while you guys have heard from me. Well it was due to some fact known to me which I am very sure if I say it out loud, my apology will surely be granted so once again, thanks for visiting us back even when this blog was stagnant with little to no update.

Well, as the topic title says it all already, Google has join the indirect war that has been ongoing between one of the biggest Chinese phone manufacturer well known as Huawei. But unfortunately seems the table has been totally turn upside down for Huawei as Google (One the renowned and biggest tech giant in the whole world) as decided to pulled back Android license on Huawei smartphone leaving them stranded with no update or probably with no choice to use apps such as gmail, Google map and other owned Google apps that hardly an individual can’t do without in a single day.


Why and what’s the actual cause for this ongoing war between US as a whole and Huawei which indirectly represent The Chinese Hope for tech breakthrough.

Well Huawei has been under increasing pressure from President Trump and the US government with the fear of Chinese government conspiring with Huawei to spy on American networks by implanting backdoor on their various known devices. But Huawei has once responded to this allegation saying that “It is not possible for the Chinese government to poison its equipment with backdoors, and it has remained optimistic about the future of its business.


Do you think for Google to scrap Huawei off Android license from them can’t actually have a huge effects on their market? Although it has been initially announced that Huawei are already preparing its own operating systems in the event of being banned from using Android and Windows.


So we would like to hear your sincere feedback about this.

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