GBWhatsapp 6.95 APK with Anti Ban Feature 2019 | Download

Whatsapp as we all know as come to be one of the most popular social messaging platforms that have really gain ground for the past few years.

Whatsapp which is own by Facebook has really started taking steps to eradicate users making use of the Whatsapp mod such as GbWhatsapp, YoWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus etc by banning them without any further notice.

And this mainly has to do with their privacy and policy agreements by disallowing any unofficial mode of their messaging platform (Whatsapp).

But nevertheless, there’s always a way around something that’s the main reason why this article was created in the first place. As a result of the tremendous ban being imposed on GBWhatsapp users, developers of GBWhatsapp – GBMods Team – has released a new version with Anti-Ban feature amongst other features. GBWhatsapp v6.95 has been released to fix the issue of Whatsapp ban on accounts.

With the all-new version of GB Whatsapp, the developers have fixed the problem where the GBWhatsapp users were temporarily banned for an extended period of time. This was the most requested and needed feature by all the users.

Thus the developers at GBMods have kept their promise and rolled out the update and it’s now available for you to download.

Other than the Anti-Ban feature, the update also adds the ability to GBWhatapp by which the hidden chat count could be seen on the main screen. Fixed crash when open chat in some devices.

Colours of the Payment menu has been fixed and many more fixes have been added as well. For those who are wondering which base is this mod based on, the GBWhatsapp Update for May 2019 official APK is based on 2.19.17.

Download GbWhatsapp 6.95 Anti-Ban APK

This version is for all Android phones. Now we can all use GBWhatsapp again without any fear of being banned. We all know GbWhatsapp is the most popular Whatsapp mod out there with great and exclusive features.

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