How To Chat Without Internet Connection (Data) Using Bluetooth

Have you ever thought chatting without the aid of an internet connectivity? Yes, if you had this thought before, then I am here to tell you guys that it is very much possible with the aid of an application called Bluetooth Chat.

In today world, technology has been one of the fastest growing tools in human existence and has never ceased to amaze us at the rate at which things can be done with those newly unleash technological gadgets.

I really don’t think I need to remind us that technology has come to stay and has really been part of our day to day activity that even an ordinary human can do without.

Having said this, please let’s take a look at what this marvellous app called (Bluetooth Chat) has to offer us and some of the feature equipped with this app.

Bluetooth Chat is not a new app. It has been available for some time now and has over 100K downloads on Playstore. The app was developed by Glodanif.

What Is Bluetooth Chat? 

Bluetooth Chat will help you to send short messages and images using Bluetooth technology. You can chat with your friends if you are in the Bluetooth range and don’t have access to the Internet.

It will be helpful for students if there is no Wi-Fi in your school, for travellers to chat between tents in the mountains, and in many other cases.

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Your friends don’t have an Internet connection to install this app? You can easily share an apk file of the app via Bluetooth! Without saying much, kindly follow the steps below to install the app.


>>Remember, in order for you to use this app, you will have to download it, this is so to say with data and the apk file size is nothing less than 1.8MB as the time of writing this article. So, download the application on the Google Play store or any other available sources.

>>After you have successfully downloaded the app, launch it and it will ask for your name, colour (choose the colour you prefer) and at the same time, it will show your device name which is what will be using a connection profile to whoever wants to connect and chat with you. Then tap on the save button.

>>As your first step up, it will display (You don’t have any conversations yet scan for devices to find your partner) on the screen. Just click on Scan, and connect with your friends that also in return have enabled his connection to be pair with you using the same app.

>>Comfirm the pairing upon Bluetooth chat request and then you’re done. Your phone and that of your friend were able to establish a connection to which you can send any messages and any file to.

>>Now you can start chatting, sending images and emoji.

And more importantly, this app is an open source project, the meaning is that you can make use of the source code in your application if you’re android dev just by following the laydown protocol that may guide such project.


So that’s that for the process requires to set up this Bluetooth chat application, and I do hope you guys enjoy this article. Stuck somewhere? then never look elsewhere, you can lodge your complaint and we will be glad to help and your feedback will highly be appreciated.

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