How to get free airtime using Myads app

This is amazing and a must have application on your android phone and you don’t really need to worry about airtime anymore.
First download The app from playstore or any other known source.

Then let’s take a deep down look at this myads app.

Myads is just an application that pop up it ads when you are making calls and your’re rewarded with 5points for each ads you see.

Everytime you receive call above 20sec it will reward u with 5points
There are many thing you can do with the accumulated point
1=Airtime in any network Glo,Etisalat,Airtel,Mtn
2=You can use the point to play free superbet
3=You can use it take free cab
4=To buy fuel
And so on like that

After downloading the app type LOYAL as your referral code and start earning point
You must have up to 150 point before cashing it out

steps= locate the dashboard as shown in the screenshot below

Choose the network you want to cash out with

Fill the blank field as recommended below and click recharge now to cash it out.

Don’t forget to comment below if it works for you.
Moreover use LOYAL as your referral code
Fill the blank field as recommended below and click recharge now.

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