How To Increase Your Android Phone Ram Using Memory Card

We all like our phone to do multitasking most especially when running up to 8 or more application in background.But the major problem is that whenever you run less than 8 app in background and your phone start freezing and at an instant the app became irresponsive and need to force close all your running app in background and that’s really freaking you .

Many people can’t even play their favourite game due to low capacity in ram so they think to buy another phone will be their solution.
RAM is an acronym for random access memory.Ram is what your device use when it’s processing data on your device.If a device ram is low,it will not be able to perform huge work and that’s what happened when you are playing high game like modern combat and so on and you discover that your device is somehow hanging or freezing and here is the solution to it.

Note that before proceeding to this step make sure that your android phone is rooted if not see how to root your android device by clicking here
*The first step is to download the ROEHSOFT RAM EXPANDER {SWAP} app if you don’t want to purchase the app then download the free version by clicking here
*Lauch the app and grant root permission,now proceed to the next steps
*From there,click on “Swap Activ” buton.It will show you your device storage,you have ton select your memory card from the list which will be also know as sdcard0 in my case.So after you’ve selected your sdcard storage now click on  “swap activ” button again.
Minimum of 512mb swaping is recommended.So,it will now start creating 512mb swap file in memory card.It also take some time depending on your memory card performances.
*After creating file successfully click on swap activ button and you’re done
* Check the screenshot below for more explanation.

There are many apps which helps you to boost your ram but only few of them are good.There are:
=Memory Booster
=DU Speed Booster
=Clean Master
=Task Killer
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