How to install Windows 7 using usb drive with Diskpart

Hello,is been a while now that I’ve post recently but a sorry guy I was working on something new to bring something better to your door. in this tutorial, we are going to majorly talk about how we can easily install window 7 without the used of any disc but with the used of USB.To install window 7 using USB is even faster rather than installing from DVD.

How To Install Window Using Usb
1.First,you will need to download Disk port.
2.After downloading the software,launch the software
3.Run the list disc command to check your drive status
4.Now you have to select disc 1 where ‘1’ is your number of your USB drive
5.Now run clean
6.After running clean,run creates partition primary
7.Click on Active
8.Now run Format fs=fat32
9.Then enter the assign command
10.Copy the content of your windows 7 onto the USB drive
11.Now connect your USB drive to a device you want to install it to and boot the system from the device then the installation will now begin.
Finally, you can now enjoy your newly upgraded window 7

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