How To Track And Secure your Lost or Stolen Window Device

Most portable PC,tablet phone and some other devices as make it easy to carry our gadgets around but unfortunately, the convenience comes with a huge risk that couldn’t escape whenever this gadget are carried around
,that there might be a situation where these gadgets might get lost or stolen.
let us round up the talk and now straight to the point.

Then lets us ask ourself that how can we activate this feature.But unfortunately, the feature is only meant for window 10 devices.the feature lets you track your lost or stolen device,it also lets you see it’s location on a map.

                                       HOW TO ACTIVATE THE TRACK KEY
1.You will need to sign up for a free prey account,The free prey account lets you protect up to three  devices.
2.After signing up click on the download link,choose your {os}i.e your operating system and click on save file.
3.Then open the already downloaded file and run the file.Click yes if asked that you want to allow it to make changes on your devices.Make sure you agree to their terms and conditions and click next to finally install the software.
4.after installation,run the file.Select your preferred language,click on existing user.Enter your email and password you used when you signed up and voila a pop-up message will now alert you that your device is now protected.

5.Go to the prey website and sign up using your previous email and password
6.Click on the name of your stolen or missing device,then click the button ‘set device to missing.’
you’ll receive notification on its location and select yes my device is missing.                         
7.Selecting the alarm option will make your device emit a loud sound and this is useful when you misplaced your device. can also choose lock it down to prevent from little finger thieve so that no one can have access to it except you.
So this how you can prevent and secure your stolen or missing devices with the use of this prey account.New features will also be added soon by the prey developers.

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