Latest Free Browsing cheat for Mtn 2016

Although this cheat is old but still blazing for those that have not used their mb.What i mean is that this is for every mtn user and the host we are going to used only allow browsing up to 150mb and it can’t work for those who have make used of it before.

Download the new modded version of tweakware by clicking here
After that open your tweakware and configure it like this
Proxy Type=Real Host
Real Proxy Type=80 and save it

Go to more option tick connect through an http proxy and tick Use the following settings
Host Address:
port:8080 connect and start browsing free

Note that this trick can’t work for you if you have already make used of it and it is for only those that didn’t.
Don’t forget to comment below if it work for you and share among your friend we are loyal to our member.

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