Top 10 Best android games of all time

In this post,we will be talking about the top 10 best android games of all time.I know we all like playing  game most especially when your surrounding is kind like boring to you. Note that this list is due to my observation of all the game have played so far.Now let’s move down to the list.
                                  TOP 10 LIST OF BEST ANDROID GAME OF ALL TIME

                                               1.Grant Theft Auto:San Andreas

GTA is a popular open world game and one of the leading open world game in android.Thousands of gamers around the world are playing it on their android phone.This game has been one of my favourite game.It is a must have game for game lover.

                                                      2.Ravensword Shadowland
This is one of my favourite open world and adventurous game.Its 3D visual graphic is just amazing.
If you’re looking for an adventure legend with a real visual graphic 3D I will personally recommend
you to download this game.It has many features like riding a horse,flying with a dragon,eat to gain more energy,going to mission from one village to another with an amazing interacting graphic scene.It is one of the best game I have ever play on my android phone.You can also collect powerful weapons,increase your skills.You play from the 3rd person with an excellent soundtrack and also updating of armour etc….

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                                                      3.Asphalt 8 Airborne

If you’re looking for a real racing game,this game will be your type of game with the amazing 3D visual graphic.If you’ve ever played need for speed in PlayStation you will really understand that this game is like need for speed android platform game

                                                             4.Leo fortune
LEO fortune is an arcade,physics and puzzle game.The game is based on history where a mysterious thief stole all LEO money but the bag he used has a hole on it and the coins are scattered over different locations.Leo went through different levels to collect all his coins.This is one of my best arcade game that I used to play when the house is boring.It has a beautiful user interface and I will recommend you to download this game if you really like arcade and puzzle gaming.

                                                             5.Mortal Kombat X
Mortal Kombat X is an action android game.The game has high visual 3D graphic that couldn’t just escape your mind with his realistic combats scenes.You can hardly play the game on an android phone with less than 1GB Ram.If you’re a type that like high combat and with a realistic scene I will recommend you to download this-this amazing game.


                                                          6.Batman Arkham origins
Batman Arkham is an action game.In the game, you will face some deadly assassins and their thug.This game let you explore yourself as Batman and helping in fighting crime.The game is so realistic with the high 3D visual graphic.If you’re looking for a realistic adventure and movie game don’t look somewhere else just download the game

                                                           7.Walking Dead
I really don’t know how to describe this game with the high-end visual graphic and the scene.The game is so amazing and the scene is fantastic.It is a season based android game.It is not new if the game is really interesting since the walking dead season movie is fantastic.

8.Game of Thrones
Another amazing scene game with the high 3D visual graphic you should after Walking Dead is Game of Thrones.The game lets you take part in the bloody war of the five kings that cause chaos through Westeros like it was preview in the Game of throne season film.I can stop to imagine how this game will be fun playing it since the Game of Throne Tv Show is a fantastic season film you should look out for.

                                                 9.GodFire:Rise Of  Prometheus
This is an RPG,action and slasher game.I can say this is an alternate of God of War for those that really play the game I am talking about but it is quite different to God Of War.It has a very high-end visual 3D graphic.You will have so much fun playing the game.

                                                                     10.Dues Ex
This is a fascinating game with excellent graphics and sound.The game is really for those who like an action game.You will be sent mission as a mercenary Ben Savon,who helps to solve the plot,which his life depends on.

Note before playing game this game makes sure that your android has the latest graphic and 1Gb upward.Like I said previously that these are the game have play so far,so you list your favourite game by using the comment and have fun playing it.


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