How To Make Money Online By Sharing,Watching And Downloading With Skits

We have a seen a lot of online money  making but the problem we are facing is that many
of them are scam.Do you want to make some extra cool cash while  sharing,watching and downloading video online?The answer is yes cause we all want to make some extra cool money.Know that this app called skits has made it possible.Skits is an online sharing social tool that lets you monetize your social activities by getting paid to create a fun video for brands or to promote,share branded video posted on skits by others users.

                                                          HOW TO EARN
1…By promoting video uploaded by other users.
2…Share any video from skits to your social networks like facebook,Twitter,Whatsapp and can also be sent by Email address or SMS and if your friends watch the video you shared you will be rewarded with 8coins with is equivalent to #1.By creating your own video and especially if you always make a tutorial about gadgets and some other thing and that will really enhance your earning points.
3…Record something fun for a brand campaign and if the brand features your video,you’ll earn no less than 10k coins instantly!And remember each coin is equivalent to #1 one naira.You can cash your instantly rewarded point with airtime or accumulate it to 5000 coins and get cash.I think this will be very fun for those that really like to upload and watch video on youtube,Instagram and some other too

                                                 Download Skits And Sign Up                                      
Jus download the app from google play store by typing skits on your search bar or any other sources.
Open the app and sign up using your Gmail address
Just Select allow option for the first and second authorization box

A registration form will pop out like the above screenshot image there just fill in your username,date of birth and your gender then you’re good to go.

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