How To Protect Your Android Device From Hacker

The Internet has become our day to day activity with over 40 percent of the world population are connected to the internet .But this technology has made our life easier to the extent of working online without you moving from one place to another.There is also a challenge we are facing by using the internet which is our security both off and on the web.The control we though we’re having over our devices is not more secure has it used to be,Even the phone we’re making used of.You may be wondering how is that possible.Do you know that they are some app,we connect to and do steal all our private  information.For instance if you decided to download the golden WhatsApp app which most people have been dreaming of having because of the feature that comes with it then know that you’re wrong,cause this type of app have been modded to steal all your private information and have access to your phone which you might not be aware of.By sending your information to these hackers and may result in your android phone been hacked.The white hacker has explained in different ways by which your phone can be hacked and multiple ways by which you can protect yourself from these hackers.I will briefly talk about it cause there are multiple ways to which your device can be hacked without your notice.

    How Do These Hackers Get To Know Your Private Information  
By the installing, the WhatsApp golden version in your phone has already opened a hole for theses attackers to be able to access your private information on your phone like password,username etc….
The app has already been modded with some programming code to notify these hacked whenever you’re inputting information data on your android phone by using the WhatsApp golden version provided you’re using it with cellular network,all your information will be encrypted in file and then be sent to these hackers,from there they will have their way and then access your phone and used it in their own way to their fullest needs.If you’re the type of guy who really have the desired to have the WhatsApp golden version then know that the app is not safe as it leads to your private information been exposed.So if you’ve already installed this type of app on your android phone note that it is not too late just uninstall the app on your android and you’re done.If you really like the thread please don’t forget to share this with your friend.

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