Top Best Android Hacking Tool For Your Smartphone

Technology has been increasing everyday and a lot of hacking apps are also increasing.Today we’re going to introduce to you some android app that you can use to hack.Here are some cool android apps that are useful for hacking with android.
Note:Before proceeding,make sure that your device is rooted cause most of the hacking app mention here will require your android root access.If your android has not been rooted then learn how to root your android phone without pc

1..Rooted Device
2..Download Greenify app
3..With this app you can hibernate many user and system apps.So by using this trick it can prolong your battery life span and boots battery saving in truly in effective way

System App Remover
1..Root your android phone
2..Download system app remover from play store.With this app you can easily remove any unwanted inbuilt apps from internal storage of your device i.e Your android app that comes with the phone and found out to be unuseful.

Fake Gps Location
1..This does not require you to have root access
2..Download Fake Gps Location
3..Go to your phone settings
4..Tap on your phone Build number 7 times to enable “Developer options”From there you can enable mock location.
5..You can now finally set your location as you wish and teleport your phone to any place in the world with one click

Roehsoft Ram Expander
1..Require a rooted android phone
2..Download Roehsoft Ram Expander form playstore
3..With this app you can increase your android phone ram and speed up your android phone.See the full process on how to increase your android ram using roehsoft expander

Android ID Changer
1..Require a rooted android phone
2..Download ID changer from play store
3..With Android ID changer you can easily change your android ID.But most especially when using a Vpn app that target your phone id for given a data capped amount of daily usage of megabyte but with the help of an id changer you can bypass it by changing your phone id

1..Require Root access
2..Download busybox app from play store
3..Then Install the modded playstore with lucky patcher.You can finally hack the app purchases and get free stuff or game coins

1..Download WPS/WPA tester app from playstore
2..This app heps you to analyse your Wi-Fi security and others in the vicinity and attempts to hack their password it only  hacks WPS enable Wi-Fi network

Linux Deploy
1…Download Linux deploy from playstore
2…This android app install linux operaing system on your android phone and then you can make use of the app to website,wifi etc.It is a great app that every hacker must look out for

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