,A Torrent Search Engine Has Been Shut Down

The second most popular torrent has been shut down after the recently taken down of Kikass torrent site.I think by now you wont be able to find any download portal on the torrent site and it was one of the expansive torrent search sites .

When you visit the site and try to do any torrent research it will just bring you a display message saying”Torrentz will always love you Farewell”.It has disabled it search function unexpectedly on Thursday without any notice.

The shut down of this torrent site has mark the second of the most popular torrent site has been shut down on the internet afer the seizure of the most leading Torrent download portal site know as Kickass and the arrest of the owner know as Artem site was establish in 2003 by an individual know as flippy.The site has provided the largest database of links to
torrents but did not host any file on the site.

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