Whatsapp To Share Their Users Data With Facebook For Ads Targeting

Like we all know that Facebook is the company that own Whatsapp but has just recently changed their term and rules guide by whatsapp which was one of the most secure messaging.But Facebook recently have made a new plocicy of sharing Whatsapp user data to facebook for targeted ads and product purpose.But Whatsapp offer  a way you can opt-out from facebook the new targeted ads which will be discussed in this post but the opting out of the data sharing does not seem possible

Let’s Know what the company has decided to do with your whatsapp data
Like I said earlier that facebook is willing to use your data with more targeted advertisement
Whatsapp introduced some significant changes to its privacy policy and T&Cs today which,if accepted once,gives it permission to connecr users’ Facebook accounts to Whatsapp accounts for the first time,gives it permission to connect users’ Facebook accounts to Whatsapp accounts for the first time,giving Facebook more data about their users for delivering more relevant ads on the social network.
Facebook will also be pushing users to share some of their account details,including phone numbers,so as to allow the social network to suggest your phone contacts as freinds.
Facebook once said that “they are commitment to protect it users’ privacy” but with the latest move of the company,Whatsapp users feel betrayed by that.
However,you really don’t need to worry cause all your text,image and video are end to end encrypted that means even the company can’t read your messages
How To Opt-Out For Facebook Targeted Ads
The company have outline two ways to opt-out form facebook targeted ads on their blog
One way to opt out from this is those who have not yet agree to their terms of service and privacy policy so before you agree to the new terms,just follow these simple steps
**When prompted to accept the updated T&Cs,tap Read to expand the full text
**there will be a checkbox option at the bottom of the policy for sharing your data on Facebook will appear.
**Untick this option befiore hitting Agree.This will let you opt out of the data-sharing.
The second option is for those who have already accepted the new T&Cs without unchecking the box to share their information with facebook
**Launch your Whatspp app
**Click on the slide three dot icon on the top right
**And hit the settings>>account>>share my account info in the whatsapp app
**And Uncheck “share my account info” and you’re done.
Note:You only have 30 to stop it after the that you will not be able to opt-out.
However Whatsapp state that Facebook will still receive your data in some situations.
But I think After Whatsapp has introduced end to end encryption and making it to become one of the popular secure messaging apps but their new privacy policy will make user to swtich to switch to other secure app like telegrama and signal.

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