Airtel Night Plan Increases 1.5GB For N50 Is Now N200

Airtel has blow their whistle cause the regular Airtel Night Plan for 1.5GB for N50 is now N200.I discover it when I wanted to subcribe to the plan last night but couldn’t subcribe to it so i decided to called their customer care which i was infromed that the 1.5GB for N50 is now N200 what a big change.

The Airtel Night plan has been best among other Night plan provided by other networks and I think you will agree with me on this and has really hepls us a lot especially for movies lover like me,but it really sad that they have increased the cost of subscription.

But you can also subscribe to their N20 for 500MB cause this has not been affected by the change they made on the 1.5GB which goes for N50, but to be sincere, with there way of doing things I can not longer trust them oh .But you can check all the night plan subscription code.

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