Download Your-Freedom Modded apk – 2018 Update

Your-Freedom is a high Tunnel VPN for proxy bypassing and anonization.Tunnel Vpn is one of the oldest VPN for tweaking free browsing almost in all countries including Nigeria, India, Cote D’Ivoire, Kenya, Cameroon, South Africa, Benin etc….

Your-Freedom is a unique of its kind cause the VPN doesn’t need much tweaking to access the internet for free of charge without paying a dime cause it has been configuring automatically to access the internet for free of charge.Your-freedom VPN has been a little helpful for many tweakers and those who can’t always afford to pay before browsing the internet.

Did I just say a little?yes of course it has been a little helpful to us because of it speed frustration and has got a lot of people complaining about it and also the worst part is that you have a time limit of (2h)on which you can’t access the internet after you’ve connected your VPN for almost (2h) but to enjoy the full feature of this app, the key is to upgrade your account to a premium member.But don’t worry about itb cause Loyaltech has got your back providing a modded version of Your-freedom VPN on which you can have access to unlimited time without time restriction.

You don’t need to register an account for using this modded version cause it has been taken care of
There are not limit or time unlike the original version
It does have the same settings and interface with the original versions
It has a beautifully modded interface with colour red

Download the modded version of your-freedom here


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