How To Record & Screenshot Your PC Activity Using Bandicam

Hello guys, here I am introducing you to an app to you can use to record and screesnhot your pc activity.We all must have been wondering how this is done especially when you’re a watching a youtube video based on a tutorial video with pc you must have been thinking how this is done cause I also have the same though but It is really easy to do after you’ve kown the process to be taken which I giving out the process to you guys.This is done by making used of a software called ( Bamdicam) but there are many software out there you can use but I prefer this one.Bamdicam is a screen recording program that allow you to easily record full screen games or any aprt of your desktop with minimal impact on your system and a must have software for recording all your pc activity using a technology of directX as well as openGL graphic


  • Bandicam Game Recorder can capture your gameplay like fraps.(Better than Fraps)
  • The recorded file size is much samleer than other software.
  • You can upload gameplay to Youtube without converting (720/1080p full HD)
  • You can record over 24 houres without stopping (Auto complet Recording function can used).
  • You cna record 4K Ulltra HD video at resoplution up to 3849 x 2160 in size.
  • You will experience much less lag than other game capture software

=>>First Download Bandicam Software for your PC here
=>>After you’ve download the software just install it.Bandicam installation process is very simple and straightforward and you shouldn’t have to make any change to the default settings and you can choose where you want bandicam icon to appear on your (desktop,quicklaunch, and start menu)
=>>Once Bandicam is install,just launch the software

=>>If you want to record your PC activity either Gaming or Tutorial, jut locate the (REC) icon with red colour
=>>Click on it and then, it will start recording your pc activity and then click the minimize button to minimize the app

Sometimes when recording you may be experience that it does record only half of your screen of your Pc screen activity.
=>>Then when minimizing it, it will show a small icon your start menu, just click on the size and then,it will brings you a list of option just choose the (Full size) and from there it will now record the full screen or (Ctrl+Enter) and you’re done.

=>>If you want to screenshot your PC activity, you only have to click on the camera icon located beside the (Rec in red colour) icon and you’re done

Note:Bandicam has a free and a paid version but the free version.The free version is imited to 10 minute recording and all the recording will have a watermark (logo) on the video but you can paid the full version to remove these restrictions.

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