Latest Glo Data Plans With an Affordable Price and Increased Data Volumes

Glo network has been known for their affordable data, but recently they’ve made an improvement on their volume with an affordable price.

You will quiet agree with me that Glo seem to be the best network with an affordable data with an increased volume,but unfortunately the major issue Glo is having right now is their poor network service with is the highest frustration Glo users are having.

Cause sometimes it doesn’t feel good when you subscribed and discovered that your broowsing speed is slow,and time consuming for open a single page and reall frustrating.Glo should really improved on their poor network coverage.Now let us go straight to the point for their new data allocation and their prices they’ve just made an update on.

Glo Data Plan,Volume and Prices

**To subscribe for Glo 3.2Gb for N1000 just dial *127*53#
**To subscribe for Glo 7.5GB for N2000 just dial *127*55#
**To subscribe for Glo 10GB for N2500 just dial *127*58#
**To subscribe for Glo 12GB for N3000 just dial *127*54#’
**To subscribe for Glo 18GB for N4000 just dial *127*59#

You can also dial this ussd code *777# as an alternate subscription code to subscribe and access all the above listed data plan.I think this far one of the best data plan and with an affordable price.

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