Top Eight Paid IOS App That Are Now Free in 2018


This IOS app that are now free are for a limited time of period cause we never know when their developers start changing it again to a pid apps.But for now you can get the Paid app for free without spending a dime and save your money for now lol

1.Liv 2 Gif
This app cost around $7.99, but you can downoad this app for free.As the name suggest, this app deals with GIFs image.You can usd this app to convert live photo into GIFs and movies.But live photo are only available on iphone 6s, apple iphone 6s plus and apple iphone SE.
This app cost arounf $3.99, but you can download it for free.MemoMa is an app that alows you to write note into your iphone calendar.
3.Simpler Contacts Pro
Cost around $4.99, but you can download this app for free,This app will quickly clean up messy address book and merge duplicate contact that you can share with friends or family.
4.Vanish Loss Tracker
cost around 99 cents, but you can download this app for free.This app will keep track of your progress on any diet and send picture to instagram over a 12 week period.
Normally 99 cents, but can be downloaded for free.This app tells you what exercies you need to do,for how long in order to burn a specific number of calories.If you’re really interested in lossing weight through exercising, this is an app to own.
Cost around $2.99 ,but you can download this app for free.This helps you to plan a tips, share different location with friend and family and also locate some important location such as hospital,gaz station and others.
7.Infinity Walls
Cost around $1.99, but you can download this app for free.This a wallpaper app for any IOS that update your phone with the latest wallpaper.

Noramlly 99 cents, but you can download this app for free.This app used your alarm clock to wake you at sunrise.This app is for those who get up earlier everyday to make breakfast,exercise their body.

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