How To Play Games Having OBB file with sd card using foldermount

In this tutorial, we’re going to show you how you’re going to link your external folder to your internal folder to be able to play a large amount of game without you complaining of insufficient storage.It has been common to us whenever you’re trying to install obb game on your internal storage and you discover that the storage cannot accommodate it due to insufficient storage capacity.In this tutorial, we’re going to make used of our internal memory and link it with our external memory card to be able to place your obb game file to your external memory storage.

To accomplish this,we will be using an app called folder mount.It is a free app for android devices that allows mounting of external folders as internal.

Note:Before proceeding to this tutorial,your phone must be rooted if not click this link to see the procedure on how you’re going to root your android phone
your phone need to have a micro sd card inserted into it.

                                         Procedure For Mounting Your Storage
1..Now first copy and paste your android obb file in /android/obb in your sd card and copy the game file name e.g
2…Create a new folder in /android/obb with the game file name e.g /android/obb/
3..Download the folder mount app from google playstore
4…Launch the app and it will ask you for root access like I said previously you should root your phone before proceeding.Just Grant him the root access
5…By default, the List of a pair should be empty.Just click on the plus icon like the screenshot below describe it

6..After that, you will see a detail asking for
Name=>Just write the game name e.g modern combat
Source=>click on android and obb there you will see your game file name and click on it to choose it
and an example of this is /emulated/0/android/obb/com.gmeloft.modern combat and it will automatically fill the destination for you.
=>Exclude from media scan:make sure you do not check or tick it. and save it.

7…After that just install the android app game and make sure you don’t play it yet
8…Then minimise and go back to your folder mount and click on the pin icon to activate the mounting and that all.

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