How To Share Your Vpn Connection With Your Pc Using Pdanet+(Unlocked Version)

Hello, guys, I know we all must have been facing some difficulty in tethering or sharing your Android VPN internet connection with your PC but you really don’t how to go about it.If you’re the type know that you’re in the right place.First all we’re going to make use of an app called pdanet.
Pdanet is an android app that let you share your Android VPN connection over to your PC.

                                                How To Use Pdanet

you can first download this app from google play or download it here in loyalteh.

But before proceeding makes sure you’ve a USB cable to activate the USB tether between your android device and your PC
**First Download the app by clicking here
**Download the PC version of pdanet by clicking here
Both compatible with 32/64 bit
**After the above step, locate your Pdanet file in your file directory. run the installer, if some reason it says the file is corrupted, that would be caused by browser timeouts. Try to download using a different browser or from the phone directly and then copy it back to your PC.

**Open your Pdanet for your android, make sure you’ve a stable  connection and then  click ‘Activate USB Tether’ wait for a little sec to connect to detect internet connection on your android phone and if connected
**Just go back to your PC make sure that you’ve devices with your PC connected to the USB cable.
**And then just click on the Pdanet icon on your PC, wait for little seconds to connect and then you’re good to go.

But the problem is that you’re limited to have an unlimited data usage and also you will be restricted to have a full internet speed whcih result in pdanet been slow.So to enjoy the full feature of pdanet you’ve to pay for the apps before you can make use of it to the fullest, but Loyaltech has provided you with a way to which you can have the paid app without spending a dime.

                                           How To Unlocked Pdanet+
**First you’ve to download Foxfi-key by clicking here
**After you’ve downloaded the app just launch it and it will automatically unlock your pdanet.So you really don’t have to worry about data capped limit and slow speed using the app.

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