How To Setup Your Blogger Domain With .tk domain

In this tutorial, i am going to explain how you are going to change your to a free domain of .tk.When it comes to changing your blogger custom domain is not an easy task.Even though I even face the same problem
in setting my blogger site to a free .tk domain.

But now that i was able set my .tk domain for my blogger and i know majority of bogger must have face the same problem in setting thier to a free .tk domain,now you must follow the step carefully

                        How To Set-Up Blogger Custom Domain With .tk
1.visit  freenom or but i will advice you to go for the freenom cause my tutorial is based on it
2.sign up to their site after signing up search for your domain name.
3.Click on “get it now” and tap on the checkout to start the activation of your domain

4.Note you must register to their site and then they will redirect you to a page with your domain name
just tap on “use dns” and choose “use your own dns” and the first and second nameserver like this and click on continue.
5.You will be redirected to page where you have to verify your email address like a said previously if you have registered to their site just leave the email verification and choose the or option to opt-in to your already sign gmail account. will be asked to fill out some form,just make sure you fill them correctly.The form will look like the screenshot below

7.after that filling out the form and now you will receive successful order notification,just click go to client area and voila you can now manage your domain

8.Use your mouse to hover over the domain and click on my domain and it will redirect you to your domain page,tap on “manage domain”,click on to management tool and tick “use default nameservers” and save changes.

9.Now click on”manage freenom dns” will open your blogger site,go to dashboard=setting=>basic,look for “setup a 3rd party url for your blog” click on it,make sure entered your www. before .tk e.g and click save.

10.Hit the save button and  you will have an error massage saying they have not been able to verify your autority an the domain

then go back to your freenom site,manage domain and clcik on “manage freenom dns”.you will to configure it like this 
Name=just write”WWW”Type=choose”cname”Tll=write”300″Target=write “”
Add another more record then copy the second host name and target you got in error and configure it 
like this Name=just copy the second name and past it in the box name Type=choose”cname” Tll=write “300” Target=just copy the second host name under the ‘’and paste it in the target

11.Ok now that you’ve added your record successfully and we’re going to another record for ip
Name=leave it blank type=leave type to be’A’ Tll=leave tll to be’14440′ and configure each target with the following ip addresss
check the screenshot below for more explanation

and hit the save button.Now just around 5 to 10 min and go back your blog seeting=>basic and add your domain starting with and hit the save button and you’re goo to rock with your new domain.Notify me using the comment box if you’re having problem changing your blogger custom domain with a free .tk domain


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