Fornite Bug Fixed On The iOS 12 Beta For iPhones

Fornite as we all know is one of the popular and indeed the best pubg hit game currently rocking in the gaming world. But recently, due to how popular the game was and the market demand, it is of no suprise that this game was later made available for iOS users.


But the main drawback of this was simply the bugs that came from porting this smash hit rocky on iOS.


Apple released iOS 12 developer beta 4¬†on Tuesday, July 17. In the release notes, under the “3rd Party Apps” section, “Fortnite might unexpectedly quit during use” is listed as a resolved issue, indicating the problems players have faced throughout the iOS 12 beta are, fortunately, no more.


It was also comfirmed that fornite: Battle Royal runs smoothly on the beta 4, and that was according to MacRumors poster FunkyTang, the game could be palyed without crashing on beta 4.


Remember that this patch it still at the beta stage for developers at the moment for bug related issue. So the public beta version is still on version 2, which did not issue a fix to fornite bug.


So this is indeed a great new for ios users most especially for those who has been anticipating for the bug to be fixed. Kindly air your view if you fall into this category and share with us one or two thing you will like them to look at and improved, who knows they might stumble upon this article of ours.


Have a nice day ahead, cheers.

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