Fornite Is Now Available For Non Samsung Phone | How To Download Fortnite On Your Android Device

The most anticipated game we all have been waiting for and known as Fornite was exclusively made available for Samsung devices during their first lauch on abdroid.

This game is readily available on android devices , but as of recent the main drawback this game comes with is that, it was solely available on Samsung devices (i.e some of their high end devices).

This recent developments of what most andro gamers have been waiting for to graps but have later ended up to many disappointed and bad reviews on the net as a whole.

But I guess, those developer in charge have heard to the calling of their people and made this recent improvement by making it available not only to Samsung devices but including other non samsung devices.

But don’t get too excited. As the game is still in beta testing, there are limited slots available and unless you have an invite, you can’t download it. If you install the app and try to run it, you will be shown a message inviting you to get on the waiting list.

So in reality, Fortnite still isn’t available to everyone, but that could be Epic Games trying to manage the load on its servers get the players in gradually without ruining the gaming experience for the existing users. You can download the installer by following the source link below

Fortnite Installer 2.0.2 APK Download by Epic Games, Inc – APKMirror

What do you think about this game? Do you think this game can keep up with as many other andro devices.

But I personally don’t know the reason why it was meant exclusively for Samsung devices only, provided you have an high end phone which can even run the latest game in the droid gaming world.

So your feedback is needed.


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