How To Fix Fifa 19 (2019) PC Gamepad Controller Not Working

Xup everyone, here I am going to provide with the latest working fix to fifa 19 gamepad controller not working or some control are inversely working e.g the down = up, up = down.All this glitch will be fixed on this thread as I was faced with similar issue and that’s the main reason why I am making this thread for the needy one.So lets go straight to the procedure.

>>First of all Connect your USB or wireless pad.

>>Download this file (x360ce (64bit version) from this link

>>Now extract the file on your desktop or where it can easily be accessible.

>>Then Go to your game directory e.g mine is (C:\Games\FIFA 19).

>>Then copy and paste the x360ce_x64 file to your game directory.

>>Run x360ce_x64 as administrator (But during that process make sure you’re connected to the internet0 i.e have an internet connection because we will search for the automate gamepad settings online to avoid doing it manually.

Then Following the follow the screenshot to set it up.
Loading fifa 19.png…

  • It will take you to another layout< click on Next>

Loading fifa 19 gamepad.png…

Click on finish as illustrated in the screenshot below;
Loading fifa 19 gamepad.png…

Now, slide to (Game Settings) and tick all boxes under Xinput (the 64 bit version), and tap on (Apply/Synchronise Settings) as illustrated in the screenshot below;

Loading Screenshot_1.png…

>>Go Back to the main menu which is (Controller 1), then click on save to apply changes and close the x360ce opened gui (graphical user interface).
Loading fifa 19 pc fixed.png…

>>You’ll need to do one more thing, after you might have save your x360ce, it will auto generate a dll file with name xinput1_3.dll.

Rename that file to xinput1_4.dll then go ahead and open the games. It will work without any issues + the inverse control of up and down will be solved with this tuto. Here’s a screenshot to make it more understandable.
Loading fifa 19 fixed.png…

Feel free to lay your problem if this didn’t work and also feedback if it is working perfectly for you.

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