How To Subscribe For 9mobile N200 for 1GB & N1000 for 5GB [Special Data]

Hello to my fellow readers on this blog, I hereby welcome you with another 9mobile freebies that has been into existence for a while but not commonly known by many which is nothing less than the 9mobile N200 for 1GB worth of data.

To good to be true right?, simply because 9mobile are known to have one of the most expensive and unfordabble data plan.

But still that doesn’t serve as a deterring factor to look down on them totally especially when it comes to network speed and availability.

Last few years ago this particular plan was launched during Ramadan to celebrate all the Muslim brothers and sisters, which was called Ramadan special offers but that really doesn’t mean if you’re not a Muslim you ain’t entitled to the privileged of subscribing to the data plan, funny enough. As a fact, anyone and everyone are very much entitled to it as much as you’ve the required airtime for the sub.

And the surprising factors is how amazing this plan stayed with us after past 2 years now with relevancy to help hungry data youth like us to download our various file on the internet.

Much has been said about this, I had like us to move unto how the subscription works and how you can subscribe to this amazing N200 for 1GB 9mobile data plan.


It’s simple, load your 9mobile line with N200 and dial 92910#

To check your Special Data balance, dial *228#

Note that this subscription is valid for 3 days and usable on all smartphones and even on Laptop. Also, it works both day and night.

And remember you can subscribe to it as many times as you in as long as you’ve the required airtime to keep on subbing. Let’s assume you subscribe like 5x, that will be a total of 5GB, that’s amazing isn’t it?. Atleast if one’s has an important files to download one way or the other, this is a perfect choice for such candidate.

I would like to details as much as I can in order to have a good comprehensive understanding on how it works.

So this plan is available to sub to everyday on some perculiar old (Etisalat) before known now has (9mobile) sim. And such sim are very rare to come about, so if you’ve one then congratulate yourself.


More importantly I would like us to read this criteria of a thing because this is a very important note for those planning to use this 9mobile N200 for 1GB.

To know if you’re eligible to it everyday and anytime, just try and dial the sub code which is 92910#, and if the replies is insufficient balance then you’re good to go. But if the message is (the plan you’re trying to purchase is not available to you) then that mean you’re not eligible for the offer.

Remember to dial the code with the specify first 5 days in the week which is Monday to Friday (have my reason for saying so which you grap before the article comes to an end).

So for those that aren’t eligible for the offer, don’t feel bad, there’s always a way around. So you guys simply have to wait during weekends days only in order for you to be eligible for the offer i.e Saturday and Sunday only.

So what’s your say on this one?Helped? Enjoy this article? Please comment and Share for others to enjoy also.

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